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A Tender Passing

In-Home Cat Euthanasia

Cat in Basket

Serving Northern Virginia

Welcome. If you have come to this site then you may be contemplating the difficult decision of saying good-bye to a very precious furry friend. I am hoping to be of help to you at this tender time. 

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About Me


My name is Dr. Deborah (Debbie) Boos.

I have been a practicing veterinarian in Northern Virginia for over 40 years, and owned a feline-only veterinary clinic for 27 of those years. The process of helping kitties and their humans through their entire circle of life has been both a gift and a privilege.

About Me

Procedure and Services

After arriving at your home, we will first take care of administrative matters and payments.

You will choose an area of your home where you and your kitty are most comfortable—

a quiet spot, a favorite bed, a ray of sunshine.

For those kitties who are stressed or do not appreciate strangers, we can discuss pre-sedating with an oral medication given by you prior to my arrival. This would be prescribed by your current veterinarian and can be discussed when making the appointment.


A sedative will be given by injection and depending on your kitty’s health status, it will usually take 5-15 minutes to take effect, placing your kitty into a relaxed and sleepy state. 

When sedation has taken effect, the euthanasia solution will be given intravenously. Depending on your kitty’s condition and response to the drugs, this entire process need not be rushed and you will be given as much time as you need to say good-bye.

You will have the choice of communal cremation (remains are not returned) or individual cremation whereas your kitty’s remains are returned to you in a lovely urn within a few weeks.

I will transport your kitty for cremation unless you choose home burial or wish to transport to a different crematorium of your choosing.

Procedues and Service


Home Euthanasia | $335

Travel in excess of 15 miles will result in an additional $50-100 charge​.

Additional charges for services on Weekends and Holidays.


Individual Cremation | $330

A choice of various urns and a personalized plaque

Optional clay paw print in frame with personalized plaque | $50

Personal delivery of cremains

Specific circumstances may require shipping via UPS (with signature required)

Communal Cremation (no ashes returned) | $130

Optional clay paw print in frame with personalized plaque: $80

Personal delivery. Specific circumstances may require shipping via UPS (with signature required)

**Payment due at time of service by cash or check** 

Credit cards accepted with processing fee

Contact and Hours

Contact and Hours

Phone consultations 8 am - 6 pm weekdays

Evening and weekend phone messages are normally returned by the following day.

 Home visits may be scheduled for weekends if available.    Evening appointments will be considered. 

Phone: 703-216-2075

Your call will be returned as soon as possible, but if your pet is in need of immediate assistance, please contact your private veterinarian or emergency clinic.

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